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Taking the agony out of UAT


TestDrive-UAT goes to the heart of the UAT pain making the automatic complete documentation of all test activity totally intuitive without needing the tester to alter their behaviour at all.
UAT is an essential discipline that transcends how the application was acquired or the methodology used to create it. Whether off the shelf or custom built, Agile, Waterfall or hybrid processes – it doesn’t matter. No-one will deploy an application without ensuring that it meets the needs of the intended user community.It can even document your business processes and produce your training materials. Combined with Qualify, our Application Quality Management platform, the entire process can be planned, managed and tracked to give the feedback needed for the entire team.

Until now UAT has been a laborious chore, distracting subject matter experts from their primary roles, with no effective tools to help. Yet you cannot ignore UAT. Application quality is a business critical issue and users have a key part to play.

TestDrive-UAT makes user acceptance testing as easy as child’s play



Fast, indestructible and works with every PC application and PC browser.* TestDrive-UAT is the single product you will need to handle all your UAT needs.
TestDrive-UAT is the single product you will need to handle all your UAT needs. Intuitive, simple UI requires little support or training.
Focusses on the application under test rather than the entire desktop so that actions not associated to the UAT are ignored. TestDrive-UAT is much more intelligent that a screen recorder and focusses on what is important and removes clutter from the test results.
Capture every user action and screens or webpages visited with intelligent descriptions. A full audit trail is essential to facilitate the rapid correction of discovered defects.
See new screens or webpages intelligently promoted above mouse and keyboard actions to create a more readable result. A consistent, coherent set of UAT results that can be rapidly be absorbed by the tester, project team and developers will deliver significant time savings.
Captures performance data for elapsed time, memory and CPU. An application which performs poorly will be a major source of user frustration.The data behind such bottlenecks is automatically captured.
Obfuscates passwords automatically and the user has the option to obfuscate other sensitive information. UAT will be performed over realistic data which may contain information that cannot be shared with a wider audience.
Add on-screen mark-ups to better highlight problems encountered or document application processes. Replace emails and screen shots with a completely automatic test result which can be enhanced with user mark-ups of each screen.
Each test result can create multiple outputs which can meet several objectives. a) Full defect recreation steps to speed resolution.
b) Word, video and animation options to create training materials.
c) Annotate results to fully document business processes.
Couple with Original Software’s Qualify to create a team environment where progress, coverage, resources and results all be easily tracked and optimized. Qualify can help plan and manage all aspects of the ALM including UAT and addresses the testing to be performed and the efficient use of the available resources.
Run stand-alone, test steps can be passed, results saved to a central repository or simply emailed to the relevant parties. Make TestDrive-UAT part of your current IT environment sharing test results as files or emails and driving testing through your own test steps.


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