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SmartBear Overhauls QAComplete’s User Experience to Build upon Agile Test Management Support

New UX along with Revamped Reporting and Dashboard Helps Organizations Further Customize Results per Agile Testing Practices
SOMERVILLE, Mass. — April 25, 2016 —SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for the connected world, has announced a new version of QAComplete, the most flexible software testing management tool for managing requirements, tests and defects in one place. With this release, SmartBear has overhauled QAComplete’s user experience to further support Agile test management practices. In combination with a new UX, revamped reporting and dashboard helps organizations to customize and present results per their Agile testing practices.

“We currently use QAComplete throughout the software development cycle for creating, maintaining and executing manual test cases as well as managing traceability,” saidKaren Milburn, Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer at Mercy. “The new UX design looks sharp and will make it easy to find the required information. In fact, new reports along with custom dashboards will allow us to track data based on unique user needs, while at the same time, providing management with correct, global details for making right decisions.”

Organizations are increasingly shifting to an Agile process to deliver high quality applications quickly and at a reduced cost to the marketplace. A test management tool can be helpful while managing such a process as it helps account for risk, plan for coverage and reduce cost due to unnecessary tests. However, having a test management tool that supports a wide range of features for these needs may not always be enough.

Operating in this Agile world often necessitates working across cross-functional teams, including business users, developers and quality engineers. Modern test management tools need to increasingly provide capabilities that allow such diverse team members to work together on different aspects of releases/sprints, while giving them the ability to set up customized metrics for tracking progress on their own efforts. In order to generate such meaningful metrics across different teams with different needs, the process of data calibration and visualization within reports and dashboards needs to be simplified, customized and made visually appealing.

QAComplete 11.0 comes with significant improvements to user experience, including entirely new reporting and fully customizable dashboards. The new reporting engine provides users an ability to customize reports, while allowing QA managers to get a global level view to measure the effectiveness of their testing process as well as traceability across tests, defects and requirements. Further, customizable dashboards, along with custom filters, gives different members, including business users, developers and quality engineers, an ability to present data based on their specific use cases and within the context of the parts of their project. These dashboards can then be saved at the individual level, rather than at the global level, enabling users to keep track of and plan their specific test efforts. The drag and drop functionality of dashboards, combined with specific prepopulated dashboards, makes the process of visualizing data easier.

“SmartBear is fanatically focused on connecting with customers, and with the release of QAComplete 11.0, we have incorporated hundreds of comments collected through our Pre-Code Council, led by customized reporting and dashboards along with enhanced security capabilities,” said Kevin Gillis, VP of Products for Development and Testing at SmartBear. “This release allows QA managers to achieve better traceability throughout the software development cycle by offering granular, role-based access to custom dashboard and reporting, in turn making QAComplete an integrated hub for test design, execution and reporting.”

The new release of QAComplete has additional UX and security improvements, including:

  • UI Facelift: The login page and splash screen of QAComplete have been completely revamped. This includes a brand new title bar on the top for easy navigation.
  • New Password Security Features: Security administrators can enforce stronger password rules such as a combination of alpha, numeric and non-alphanumeric characters.

QAComplete 11.0 is generally available. Pricing starts at $599 per year. A 30-day SaaS trial is available at: https://smartbear.com/product/qacomplete/free-trial/. For more information, visit: https://smartbear.com/product/qacomplete/overview/.

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