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Restlet Brings API Testing to HPE Systinet

Restlet integrates its API testing tool with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Systinet API management platform so developers can “try out” and test APIs.

API platform-as-a service provider Restlet and Hewlett Packard Enterprise today announced integration between HPE’s Systinet API management software with the Restlet DHC Web-based testing tool for REST APIs.According to the agreement between the companies, HPE Systinet users will be able to use DHC from within the Systinet graphical user interface to perform test calls against Web APIs, enabling them to easily test RESTful APIs. The integration enables API developers to test query parameters, test codes and security, among other things.Jerome Louvel, CTO and founder of Restlet, said he believes testing is critical at each stage of an API project. Miroslav Malecha, senior product manager for Enterprise Maps and Systinet at HPE, noted that the partnership to integrate Systinet with DHC came about because HPE Systinet users need to be able to test and validate Web APIs”DHC by Restlet provides essential technology to API managers and developers for validating the features of their APIs, and to API consumers for discovering the behavior of APIs they need to call in their applications,” Louvel said in a statement.


The integration of DHC with Systinet also enables developers to log responses to API calls made to document the behavior of the API. Moreover, tests created with DHC can be saved for reuse. The tests also may be automated or included in broader functional test scenarios.


Read more: http://www.eweek.com/developer/restlet-brings-api-testing-to-hpe-systinet.html

By: Darryl K. Taft


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