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Latest uTest and Platform Updates – 4/7/2016

Hello uTest Community! It’s been two weeks since our latest new features release, which means that its time for another rollout. This time around we’ve included a number of site improvements that should make navigating, commenting, mentioning, and applying on the site easier.

Source: https://www.utest.com/articles/latest-utest-and-platform-updates—472016

As for specifics, let’s start out with an improvement that the community has been loudly requesting for a while now; the ability to sort forums by recent replies. This update should make it much easier for testers to follow discussions that they’re engaged in, and will prevent popular forums topics from getting buried. If this is something you’ve been waiting for, we truly thank you for your patience and comments. Version 2.0 of uTest is still fairly young (roughly 4 months at this point), and we rely on feedback in working to constantly improve it.

Next up is another improvement that a number of testers have been asking about. Starting today, uTest users will once again be able to delete and edit their own status posts. This should make the process of removing an errant status update much easier than asking a mod or CM team member to do it for you, and should free community members from the anxiety of having a potentially embarrassing status posted by accident.

In terms of improving the user experience of the site, we’ve decided to incorporate newly created tools, courses, and projects into users’ news feeds. This means that you won’t have to check out individual sections of the site in order to stay on top of newly created content on uTest, and will also now have some variety in the article- and status-heavy feed you see today. In an additional improvement to the home feed, user’s positions will now be saved after they click a link and then use the back button to return to the feed. Give it a try!

One final important update on uTest.com is that usernames will no longer be case-sensitive. This will ideally make it much easier for testers to use @mentions, and to find the users they are looking for on other areas of the site. One slight downside to this is that some community members had their current usernames changed if it was a duplicate of a name already in existence, only with changes in capitalization. If this happened to you, we apologize and thank you for your sacrifice in honor of an improved uTest UX!

As for platform announcements, I’m sure many of you have been exploring MyNew.uTest.com. For those of you not familiar, back in November of 2015 we started researching ways to improve the tester experience on the Platform, which had only seen very minor updates in recent years. After conducting market research and development with the community, TTLs, and outside agencies, we launched MyNew.uTest.com (code name Peregrine) in March in beta form.

Today we would like to announce that on April 27th we will be moving Peregrine out of beta and will be retiring the existing Platform skin. However, Peregrine is not yet a finished product, and we will be using the next four weeks to continue running test cycles against the Peregrine skin in order to address many of your concerns (around chat, slotting, etc.) and bugs. If you have already been pitching in by reporting issues and feedback, we appreciate your efforts.

As always, we’d like to give a major shout out to both the platform and uTest.com development teams.

-The uTest Community Management Team


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