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15 Suggestions For New uTesters | by uTest

This article provides a list of suggestions with links for new uTesters. All of the content is readily available on the uTest website, however here it is compiled into a single reference.

  1. Expand your profile: Watch this video, complete this course, and read this article to learn how
  2. Introduce yourself on the Forums
  3. Find favorites to follow: Search #FF or checkout new and established uTest leaders at the leaderboard. You can also look to see who your favorites are following, and consider following them too
  4. Familiarize yourself with Applause and the uTest platform: See thisarticle, this article, this article, and this course for helpful information, and be sure to read the FAQs
  5. Further your education: Search the abundant resources (ArticlesCourses [Course Tracks], Forums, & Tools) available at uTest and add them to your To Do List to read and digest at your own pace (Find more great content using the Article and Comments tabs on #FF profile pages, or via #ThrowbackThursday)

Read more @ https://www.utest.com/articles/15-suggestions-for-new-utesters


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